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Survey research methods

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Duration: 2 weeks

Training Description

This training is a thorough introduction to the methods and best practices used in collecting data about populations using a sample of individuals or households. From answering the fundamental question, “what is a survey?” to a review of the analysis and reporting of the survey data, we cover all stages of the survey process. By using clear instructions “on what to do” supported by theoretical justifications, participants will gain confidence in not only producing survey results, but also critically evaluating the results of surveys they may use to make decisions. The focus will be on conducting household surveys in Ghana.

Training Content

  • Survey design and implementation
  • Sample design 
  • Reducing errors (sampling and non-sampling)
  • Survey costs and budgeting
  • Analysis of survey data
  • Household surveys in Ghana
  • Hands-on survey planning project


This intensive training is ideal for anyone who plans to collect survey data, commission survey projects or evaluate results of survey research in their work. While there are no formal background prerequisites for the training, the two-week format of the training is quite intensive. With presentations, in-class discussions, hands-on planning projects, and take-home assignments, participants should plan on being engaged for the entire weeks.


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