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Project cycle management

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Duration: 2 weeks

Training Description

This is a unique training program, which provides practical knowledge and skills on how to effectively manage projects from its inception through implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The training is handled by senior academics together with experienced project planners and monitoring and evaluation specialists. It also combines theory with computer-based software on project cycle management.

This training programme will be extremely useful for professionals wishing to strengthen their knowledge of project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Training Content

  • Project Planning and Appraisal
    • Project planning perspectives/ concepts
    • Project cycle components
    • Managing the project cycle sequence
    • Project framework
    • Logical framework
    • SWOT analysis
    • Critical incidents analysis
    • Sustainability of projects
    • Participatory approaches to projects and community management
    • Project action plan
    • Project appraisal
    • Principles of project appraisal
    • Techniques and criteria
    • Financial and economic analysis of projects
    • Analysis of the social, distributive environmental impacts of projects
  • Dynamic Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects
    • Key distinctions between monitoring and evaluation
    • Participatory monitoring and participatory evaluation
    • Policy analyst matrix for project monitoring and evaluation
    • Causal pathway of analysis for project monitoring
    • Evaluation as a means of analyzing project, policy and process
    • Feedback and completion of the project
    • Introduction to Software for Project Cycle Management
Computer-based Practical Exercises in Project Cycle Management


Participants will undertake a trip to a project site, apply the techniques learnt in sections 1 and 2, and prepare a project report using computer software in 2 above. Also, the training is interactive and practical exercises will be done after completing key topics.


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