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Data management and analysis

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Duration: 2 weeks

Training Description

This is an intensive training on basic principles and methods of data processing (i.e. data collection/ entry, cleaning and verification), and statistical data analysis applicable in various fields of study. The emphasis will be on the choice of analytical technique for a particular data set and interpretation of results. There will be hands-on practical training.

Training Content

   Data Management
  • Building Data Management Strategy
  • Using STATA and SPSS in Data Management and Analysis
  • Using SurveyCTO and CSpro in Data collection entry, Management and Analysis


  • Basic Statistical tools for data analysis
  • Estimation and Hypothesis testing
  • Analysis of Relationships
  • Analysis of time series
  • Analysis of panel data
  • Introduction to Advanced Statistical Techniques
  • Basic Computing Training
Practical Exercises in Data Management and Analysis

Participants will undertake a trip to an institution to collect data and apply the techniques learnt in sections A and B.


This training will be useful to individuals interested in learning both the theoretical basis and the
practical basis as well.


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