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About Us

Welcome To IDER

The Institute of Development and Economic Research

Our Mission

IDER’s mission is to conduct research that maximizes beneficial impact of policies and programs for people and governments in Ghana and the African sub-region. 

Our Vision

It is our vision to be distinguished as an institution that promote knowledge for development through policy research, training and advocacy.

Core Values

At IDER, our values are dear to our heart. We cultivate and develop the skills and goals of our talented people, offer development solutions to people and government with integrity and support our communities.


The Institute of Development and Economic Research (IDER) is a research organization which specializes in Policy, Research and Training in Ghana and the African Sub-region. IDER exists to conduct research that maximizes beneficial impact of policies and programs for people and governments in Ghana and the African sub- region. Specifically, the Institute was established to undertake research in the social and economic sector, and promote human resource development through research trainings and technical support. IDER offers critical consultancy support to government agencies, development organizations and the private sector. IDER’s research activities are mostly driven by practical development glitches and needs of Ghana, and other developing countries in the sub-region. The institute conducts research, and large scale data collection (household registration/enumeration) in response to specific demands of governments, and other development agencies and cooperations for evidence and strategic policies and programmes for improving the well-being of people.


We are an institution that seeks to make big things possible when it really matters. Our partners and stakeholders span from government institutions, development organizations (such as the World Bank, FAO, World Food Programme, USAID, UNICEF, etc.), the private sector, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), and other international agencies implementing development projects in Ghana and the sub-region. We give them the data, insights, and deep implementation expertise they need to deliver results that matter to citizens and communities. We are researchers, economists, agriculturists, education specialists, public health experts, policy specialists, and economic and investment strategists. Our Expertise is in Program Design, Survey Designs, Mass Household Registration (or Data Collection), Program Monitoring and Evaluations, and Capacity Building. Our expertise is also focused in highly regulated sectors addressing most of the world’s largest ongoing challenges. Our solutions leverage the best of our work across private industry, non- profits, and all levels of government. Tapping into the collective knowledge of IDER’ diverse research, we focus our activities on the following sectors: Agriculture, Education, Public Health, Social Protection, Financial Inclusion, Small and Medium Enterprise, Environment, Governance, Humanitarian, Infrastructure, Livelihood, etc. From project management and program monitoring to evaluation, our work delivers deeper engagement, more confident decisions, and measurable impact.