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Institute of Development & Economic Research! We are an institution that seeks to make big things possible when it really matters. Welcome to Learn More We are researchers, education specialists We implement development projects in Ghana and the sub-region. What we do Helping Organizations Navigate change We seek to make big things possible when it really matters. Talented Researchers

What we do

Program Monitoring & Evaluation

IDER’s Research and Evaluation Unit (REU) promotes innovation and cost-effectiveness in our research and evaluation practices.

Program & Survey Designs

IDER specialize in increasing access to, demand for and use of evidence by governments, development partners, parliaments etc

Capacity building & Training

Building capacity in monitoring and evaluation in organizations and individuals allows maximum resource use

Data Collection

We require that our evaluation teams include local researchers, and provide support for strengthening their capacities.

Who We Are

We are an institution that seeks to generate evidence to make big things possible when it really matters.

Our partners and stakeholders span from government institutions, development partners, the private sector, NGOs and international agencies implementing development projects in Ghana and the sub-region.

We are researchers, economists, agriculturist, public health experts, policy specialists, and economic and investment strategists. From project management and program monitoring to impact evaluation, our work delivers deeper engagement, more confident decisions, and measurable impact.

IDER People


Our solutions leverage the best of our work across private industry, non-profits, and all levels of government. Tapping into the collective knowledge of IDER’ diverse researcher, we focus our activities on the following sectors:


We aim to increase the efficiency and productivity of small and medium scale farmers.

Public Health Programs

Our studies generates evidence on effective ways to improve access to quality health services


we are eager to generate evidence in areas such as corruption, transparency

Financial Inclusion

We are prepared to partner with service providers, governments, development agencies


Our research team evaluates programs that aim to improve educational outcomes


Our works supports policy-relevant studies that contribute towards achieving the SDGs